Coors Light mountains

Cold as the rockies

Rockies: -5°C

Everybody needs a moment of chill

Coors Light mountains
Coors Light 355ml can



Mountain cold
COLD - Lagered, Filtered, Packaged

We started cold and then got colder

Coors Light 12 Pack x 355ml

Coors Light 355ml can

Coors Light aluminum bottle

Coors Light glass bottle

Made to chill

The official beer of being done wearing a bra



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From Colorado, meet this year’s #1 draught pick.

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Psst… Check out @nbishop16 featured in our #UnofficialSummer ad campaign. Show us your summer with Coors Light and you could also be unofficially sponsored by The Official Beer of Everything Unofficial.

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Officially, they’re friends having fun. Unofficially, they’re all just trying to get her Coors Light.

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Officially it’s the kick-off of the Canadian football season. Unofficially it’s a sign to buy Coors Light and ice.

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Wanna be unofficially sponsored by us? Show us how your’re staying Chill with Coors Light and you could be part of our #unofficialsummer ad campaign.

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Sit. Stay. Chill. Good dog. (📸: @francesca.thegsp)

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