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  • You only regret the mountains you don’t climb.
  • Life’s a mountain. Climb it.
  • If it exists, you can climb it.


Fantasy Football’s not just a game – it’s a way of life. Lineups, trades, player updates… these are what matter most, because it’s more than pride that’s on the line – it’s a sweet, sweet trophy. Are you living the fantasy life? Prove it.

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#ProTip: There's no such thing as too many toppings.

Listen to that Coors Light.

355mL Can

355mL CAN

Cool, refreshing Rocky Mountain Gold, served up straight by the first brewer to serve beer in a can. Go ahead, taste the Rockies.

Mountain Wisdom


You only regret the mountains you don’t climb.

350mL Can
341mL Bottle


Whether you’re still climbing or already on the summit, reach for the ice cold refreshment of a cold-certified Coors Light.

Mountain Wisdom


Conquering your fears is easy when you have none.

355mL Bottle
473mL King Can

473mL CAN

When you’ve got mountain–sized thirst, you need a can that can handle the job. Reach for a Tall Boy and get climbing.

Mountain Wisdom


If it can wait until tomorrow, it probably should.

473mL King Can

Welcome to the #CoorsLightGames

We’ve always been the unofficial beer of backyard sports. This summer, we’re making it official with an epic two-day tournament of really, really amateur sports. Catch the action on TSN, beginning August 21.

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Volley - Pong

A friendly game of pong ain’t much of a mountain to climb. So we upped the ante with bigger cups, larger balls, and higher stakes. And we removed the word “friendly”, because Volley-Pong doesn’t make friends—it destroys them.



Bubble Soccer is a lot like regular soccer, except the dives are legit and the hooligans are even hooligan-ier. Oh yeah, and sometimes you get body-checked into next week… but that happens in soccer too, right?

Bubble Soccer


The Slip ‘n’ Ride only has one rule: go big or go home. And by big we mean launching yourself 50 feet through the air and triple salchowing into a lake. Or belly flopping – that’s up to you.


Born in the Rockies

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