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brave the internet


The Mystery Mansion is now closed

Come back next year to find out if you’re brave enough to make your way in. And while you’re here, check all the highlights from 2015.

355mL Can

355mL CAN

Coors Light was the first brewer brave enough to serve our beer in a can. Go ahead and taste what bravery gets you.

350mL Can
341mL Bottle


Only the truly brave can handle holding a bone-chillingly cold Coors Light in their hands. Will you Brave the Cold?

355mL Bottle
473mL King Can

473mL CAN

When the mountains turn blue, are you brave enough to handle the cold, refreshing taste of what's inside?

473mL King Can
473mL Can

473mL Can

Bravery comes in many shapes and forms. Including Wide-mouth.


Brave the cold

Wait a second, we'll need to see some ID.